The leadership team and staff at Holy Cross Catholic Primary School Woollahra are passionate about providing a happy, nurturing and contemporary learning environment that enables students to reach their full potential, to meet their needs in the 21st Century. At Holy Cross, educational excellence is at the centre of learning. The strong faith-filled and inclusive community spirit enables parents, staff and students to enjoy and be part of a positive environment. 

Under the leadership of our experienced Principal Louise Minogue – who has given quality leadership in three schools, Holy Cross is a thriving school which places the educational learning needs of students and their wellbeing as a top priority.

Leadership Team
Principal Louise Minogue
Assistant Principal Nada Luksic
Religious Education Coordinator Colleen Durrant
Curriculum Coordinator Jodie Smith
Year 6 Teacher Colleen Durrant
Year 6 Exec Release Teacher Bianca Manning
Year 5 Teacher Jodie Smith
Year 5 Exec Release Teacher Bianca Manning
Year 4 Teacher Paul Rheinberger
Year 4 Teacher Amanda McLennan
Year 3 Teacher Nada Luksic
Year 3 Exec Release Teacher Niamh Sheil
Year 3 Teacher Sally Hanrahan
Year 2 Teacher Rachel Scott
Year 2 Teacher Lance O’Keefe
Leadership Team
Year 1 Teacher Ciara McGuinness
Year 1 Teacher Sarah Connolly
Kindergarten Teacher Amy Dawson
Kindergarten Teacher Ella Marshall
Librarian/ Reading Recovery Jenny Muscat
Physical Education Teacher Belynda Bradstreet
Music Teacher Kirrily Biskupic
Family Faith Educator Cath George
Diverse Learning Teacher Vanessa Smith
Learning Support Nicholas Coluzzi Farrell
Office Administration Annette Wallace
Office Administration Karina Agius
Canteen Marelle Sharpe
Parish Administration Fr. Terence Millard